Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman, a personal injury lawyer located in the Utica NY market, was looking for help marketing and promoting their law firm.  They were dealing with a situation that had been happening for years and was gaining steam. A competing personal injury lawyer from a neighboring market was making their home market a focus and was gaining market share taking business from them.

Tactics We Used To Help Them

We helped them re-focus their marketing dollars in an effort to own their home market and launch a new brand position. The focus of the brand messaging would appeal to consumers by positioning a person breaking the law causing an accident as a villain, the innocent person being injured as the victim and the law firm as the superhero that would save the day by fighting for the victim, holding the villain accountable for their actions helping to keep society safe. We put together an advertising strategy using a combination of digital and traditional advertising to get this new message out to the Utica market…the goal was to strategically place their messaging in a way where the consumer believed they were everywhere…all while staying inside a strict budget.

The Result…

It worked! In 2017 the law firm saw an increase in brand awareness in the Utica market. People were coming up to them and telling them that they were seeing them everywhere. This lead to an increase in leads which in turn increased the number of cases that they chose to take. In some months it translated to double the number of cases in comparison to the year prior.

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