Passion Powers Our Minds

our culture, vision and team approach

Marketing Done Differently.

Defining your business with an “out-of-the-box” approach that engages consumers, creating a NEED to do business with your brand. We nurture this connection to elicit passion in the consumer. We create a love for our client’s brand, a desire to defend it, spend time with it and brag about it. We make it so price no longer matters. This makes a difference in our client’s business and their lives… AND THAT’S WHAT WE LIVE FOR.

Hard Working. Passionate. Creative. Ingenious.

Who we are.

We are a “cutting-edge” strategic branding lead generation idea company. We believe heavily in having a great company culture. We are a close team of creative professionals based out of Utica, NY. We are parents, moviegoers, musicians, hikers, concert enthusiasts, skiers, friends, pranksters, and much, much more. We are very passionate about what we do every day and partner with great people and business organizations to produce exceptional work that achieves results but also betters the world around us.

How we do it.

Our skill set is specific and fine-tuned. We are strategic brand specialists at heart. We create high-quality strategic marketing and advertising campaigns that enable businesses to appeal to the emotions of their audiences. This creates a friendship-like bond between the consumer and our clients brand. It all starts with an amazing logo design and a great brand story that runs throughout our client’s marketing footprint. We develop everything with the consumer in mind. It has to engage us in order to engage them.

Why we do it.

Simply put, we “think” to create our client’s future. We create marketing initiatives that promote growth and enrich the lives of people in business and their communities around the world. Creating something that looks good isn’t enough. It needs to speak to the consumer and initiate a change in behavior. To ENGAGE is to be in our world. We strive toward work that drives action, engages people and generates results for the ones we partner with.

What we VALUE.


It’s not all about us.

Relationships are our lifeblood. We want to work with great people because great people do great things. For us, success is measured by our client’s success. We only surround ourselves with passionate, positive, cool people that can grow with us.

K.I.S.S. (not the band)

Because simple works.

Our strategies are always simple, because when it’s simple the message is clear. We want everyone to understand your message. If they do… it results in a successful campaign. Simplicity lives in every part of us, from our hairstyles to our office space.

Quality is KING

Less is definitely more.

We don’t try to work with everyone… we don’t want to. We want to work with the right people that believe in our philosophies with as much passion as we do. We concentrate our time and talent on a limited number of projects and clients. By not being a creative “puppy mill” it allows us to invest more time on our part to come up with the right strategy for your business.

Ask, ask… then ask AGAIN

More questions = better answers.

We believe in pushing the envelope with our clients by asking many questions which in turn uncovers amazing strategies. By the time we are done, our idea is a strong one because it was able to stand the scrutiny that we put it under. The result… THE PERFECT IDEA!

Don’t be afraid to start over

We believe in continual improvement.

We come up with great ideas every day. But great ideas aren’t always the RIGHT idea. Our end goal is finding the right approach that will engage consumers for your brand. We believe in continuous learning and applying what we learn to strengthen your campaigns. 


Stay Classy

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Treat people right. Everybody deserves respect, transparency, and honesty – that is what we base every interaction on. We believe in having a great company culture first. Work doesn’t have to be a naughty four-letter word. We want our team to want to come to work every day. To have fun and be creative… the result is exceptional work for our clients.


Challenge each other

Strive to learn every day.

As we grew up we where told education is extremely important. Once we became adults we saw learning wasn’t stressed as much in most businesses…unless you take it upon yourself to seek it out. We challenge our team to learn something new every day. To look at what they are passionate about and pursue it. To learn from one another, gain knowledge by attending conferences, visiting the library, on the Internet, through podcasts, and via other hands-on means. And always by asking more questions.



Life begins after 6

Work isn’t what defines us.

Work is only one piece of the puzzle. Our most important asset is our people. We encourage them to work hard and play hard. We try to help them to indulge in their passions (at work and when not) because by doing you grow as a person.




Meet The Minds Behind The Firm

Here’s what makes our agency unique – our team. Led by a former professional musician with a creative eye and relentless negotiation skills and an analytically minded, strategic marketing sports enthuisist with digital savviness… we’ve assembled a team of superheros who kill it day in and day out for our clients. Meet the Firm.

“We thoughtfully craft your brand and its messaging using high-quality, eye-catching creative to make your business top-of-mind for your target consumer.”

– Natasha Kirkland, Marketing Operations Manager

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